Town Center Residential Housing

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I wish to thank the YW for allowing the young and the elderly to come to a safe place to live and become better women than what they were when they first came here. I know for me I am a better person and very very happy to live here.
Hillary, a Town Center Housing Resident

Town Center Women’s Residential Housing

YWCA Central Virginia has continuously housed women since 1918 when our downtown building, Town Center, was opened to the public. The Town Center Women’s Housing Program provides safe, affordable, dormitory-style rental housing for single women, 18 years and older, who are on a low-income.  We are proud to provide secure residencies through our 35 rooms available.

The Town Center Housing Program provides the following services:

  • Safe, secure, and furnished single bedroom for each resident.
  • Monthly rent includes room, utilities, and access to a free laundry facility.
  • Safe, comfortable, smoke-free atmosphere.
  • On-site community kitchen with a food pantry.
  • Dormitory style baths on each residential floor.
  • Two residential lounges with cable television access for residents to share.


  • Can men, or women with families rent rooms at the YW?

    • No, our rooms are made for single women only.  Please reach out to our local Coordinated Homeless Intake Access (CHIA) Coordinator for housing assistance at 434-427-CHIA (434-427-2442). The CHIA Coordinator will work with the Central Virginia Continuum of Care to help ensure that housing is secured for anyone who may need it. If you are experiencing homelessness or will lose housing in the next three days, please call Coordinated Homeless Intake and Access (CHIA) via 434-427-CHIA (434-427-2442).
  • How much does a rental room cost?

    • In 2022 our rent is $300 per month. There is also a $100 deposit to be paid when you move in.
  • What are the key requirements to become a tenant at the Town Center property?

    • All residents must work or have some form of verifiable income.
    • Residents must be able to live peacefully in a community-living setting that is smoke-free and drug-free.
  • Can I bring a pet with me?

    • No. YWCA Town Center Women’s Residential Housing program is not set up to accept pets. With our facility being over 100-years-old, the spaces were not created for pets to live harmoniously with all residents. Our facility requires stairs to reach the residential housing units, and there is very little green space around our facility. Further, we want to be very mindful of allergies our residents may have so we prohibit pets of any kind for any resident at this time.  If you are seeking housing due to homelessness or near immediate homelessness and have a furry friend, please reach out to the CHIA Coordinator for assistance at 434-427-2442.
  • What if a resident needs assistance?  Do you provide intensive case management, mental health services, or job training?

    • No. Your YWCA housing program does NOT provide case management, mental health services, job training, or home health services.  Our program is not well suited for women who need those types of assistance.  However, please know that our Town Center Residential Housing Program Coordinator will work with residents to help them locate the community resources they need.

Contact Us

If you or a single woman on a low-income that you know is interested in housing at YWCA Central Virginia, please contact our Office and Housing Manager, at (434) 847-7751 and select option 4.

If you are experiencing homelessness or will lose housing in the next three days, please call Coordinated Homeless Intake and Access (CHIA) via 434-427-CHIA (434-427-2442).