AMEND Together and AMENDING Through Faith

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Changing a culture that supports violence against women by teaching healthy masculinity and respect.

AMEND Together is a primary prevention initiative developed by YWCA Nashville & Middle Tennessee dedicated to ending violence against women and girls by engaging men and boys to change the culture that supports violence.

YWCA Central Virginia is excited to be in the planning stages to bring the AMEND Together Program to our community as part of our primary prevention offerings for our domestic violence and sexual violence work.  The program seeks to challenge the culture that supports violence, cultivate healthy masculinity in men and boys, and change the future for women and girls.

What is an AMEND Together Club?


Find out how you can get involved as we build this program below!  You can also reach out to our AMEND Together Coordinator via email (

Get Involved with AMEND Together!

AMENDing Through Faith is an eight-week series for men who are passionate about ending violence against women and actively seeking specific ways to make the world a better place. This series series is Christian faith-based but is adaptable to other faiths.


AMEND Together has partnered with the General Commission on United Methodist Men to create an eight-week group series in which men will learn to recognize, respond to, and prevent violence against women. By doing this, participants will not only increase their health and happiness through faith-based learnings but also they will increase the strength of their fellowship. Participants will become better equipped to support each other in the pursuit of healthy and Godly relationships, ultimately reducing violence in our communities by supporting struggling men and leading them away from the path to violence and onto the path of righteousness.

Throughout the course, participants will be asked to do some contextualizing. No matter how committed to and well-versed participants are in Scripture, it aids their understanding to consider it in context, gleaning the true teachings of the Bible and learn how those teachings relate to their lives and our current culture. We don’t have to sacrifice truth for accessibility.

YWCA Central Virginia is working closely with YWCA Nashville and the General Commission on United Methodist Men to bring AMENDing Through Faith to communities here in Central Virginia.  If you are interested in learning more please check out the video from the General Commission below and complete the application to become a Faith Facilitator.

Learn More about AMENDing Through Faith