Board of Directors Announcement of Chief Executive Officer Departure

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Board of Directors Announcement of Chief Executive Officer Departure

[Lynchburg, Virginia] – YWCA of Central Virginia’s Board of Directors announces Ashley Reynolds Marshall’s departure as Chief Executive Officer. 

From Sally Ann Schneider, Board President, YWCA of Central Virginia 

It is with a mix of sadness and gratitude that the Board of Directors announces Ashley Reynolds Marshall’s departure as its Chief Executive Officer for YWCA of Central Virginia, effective May 10, 2021.  Since 2018, Ashley has played a critical role in the development and success of the organization, and while we will miss her and her inspiring leadership, we wish her the best of luck in her new endeavor as the first Deputy City Manager for Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion with the City of Charlottesville, Virginia.  We want to thank her for her dedicated service which involved many significant accomplishments including: 

Securing multiple meaningful grant and individual donation awards to support the mission and service of the YWCA including support from the Genworth Foundation, MaryKay Foundation, Pacific Life Foundation, Allstate Foundation, Plymale Foundation, Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation, United Way of Central Virginia. 

  • Increasing YWCA’s obtainment of in-kind support from such corporations as Bombas Socks, GIR, MaryKay Foundation, SLVR by Gekks, H&B, and Thrive Cosmetics in one year.  
  • Increasing YWCA of Central Virginia’s administrative staff to include its first Communications & Advocacy professional, as well as its first Donor Relations & Special Events professional. 
  • Establishing corporate partnerships for the association including Kroger Mid-Atlantic’s Women’s Edge Affinity Group. 
  • Representing our association and Lynchburg on the international, national, state, and local stages including her selection as one of three YWCA executives to visit the Mexican border as delegates to discuss issues of immigration; as well as her representation to the Commonwealth as the current Chair for the Virginia Council on Women, a current member of both the Virginia Health Equity Taskforce and the Virginia Advisory Committee on Sexual and Domestic Violence, and as a former Commissioner for the Complete Count Commission for the 2020 Census. 
  • Introducing our racial equity and social justice work not only externally in our local community through collaborations including participating in Lynchburg’s Maternal Health Collaborative on Minority Maternal Health, but internally to ensure our policies and practices were centered in our dedication to peace, justice and dignity for all. 

Our Executive Committee has chosen to engage a pro tem to ensure the continuity of leadership and continued success for the organization The association has extended an offer to Stephanie Andrews, a former YWCA Board of Directors Member and President, to steward the organization at this time.  Stephanie brings her extensive experience in business and organizational management to our association, along with her passion for the mission.  Ashley and Stephanie will have an opportunity to work together beginning in April 2021.   

 Again, we cannot thank Ashley enough for the dedication, passion, enthusiasm and motivation she has given YWCA of Central Virginia.  She will be missed by the staff, Board, partners, and community alike.  We look forward to following the success of her career and are excited to continue our forward momentum here at the association to ensure we continue to get up and do the work to eliminate racism and empower women.  If you have any questions or concerns during this process, please do not hesitate to reach out directly at 

Sally Ann Schneider, President, Board of Directors, YWCA of Central Virginia 

From Ashley Reynolds Marshall, Chief Executive Director, YWCA of Central Virginia 

After a wonderful experience here at YWCA of Central Virginia, I recently submitted my resignation to the board in order to pursue new challenges focused on racial and social justice.  While I have a mix of emotions as I move into this next chapter of my career, as the Deputy City Manager for Racial Equity, Diversity & Inclusion with the City of Charlottesville, I will be able to continue in the work that has become so important to me: ensuring that no one’s race, gender-identity, or zip code determines their success or opportunities.  The decision for my transition did not come easily as I am extremely proud of all that the YWCA of Central Virginia staff, board, volunteers and advocates have accomplished during my tenure and I will continue to cherish the relationships I’ve built during my time in service. 

I want to give my deepest appreciation to all who have been supportive of our association and of me personally: staff, board members, and members of the Lynchburg community at large.  Without you, the association would not be as strong and impactful as it is today.  I am so deeply thankful to have been able to walk alongside of such talented subject-matter experts as the ones on staff with YWCA – they are truly a gem in our community and an inspiration to others outside of it for their dedication to our cause, diligence in the work, and expertise in their craft.  I will watch with anticipation as the association continues to move forward into her future – because as a YWCA we pledge to get up and do the work until injustice is rooted out, until intuitions are transformed, until the world sees women, girls, and people of color the way we do:  Equal. Powerful. Unstoppable. 

With Gratitude,
Ashley Reynolds Marshall, Chief Executive Officer, YWCA of Central Virginia 

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